What It Is. And How Significant It Is in Your Life


Dying. Death. Grief.

None of it ever makes sense.

But here's the thing.

Much more important than ‘what’ you mean or believe, or ‘why’ you mean or believe it, is ‘how’ you go about the process of meaning or believing it. ‘What’ and ‘why’ need to be readjusted each time you tackle something new. Knowing ‘how’ to do that can be replicated across systems, cultures, and faiths.

I work primarily in the area of thought processes, attitudes, and beliefs. Over the past four decades, I have provided introspective and subliminal services to an array of clients, on professional, personal, and organizational levels. In both individual and group sessions. For brief periods of time, and more prolonged periods, depending upon the nature of the situation at the moment.

These run the gamut from simple consulting sessions to in-depth hypnosis for personal transformation, new project development empowerment, all the way through to ghost writing of blogs, columns, books, speeches, and more.

This is all semiotics: the effective use, understanding, and development of language, signs, and symbols, verbal and visual, gestures, expressions, traditions, and cultural etiquette. Highly effective, semiotics forms the basis for the design and implementation of sense-making, web way-finding, way finding in general, and thought design. With my firm background in writing, transformational grammar, deep-structure thought, symbology, design, beliefs, cross-cultural nuancing, and traditions, this is a natural and comfortable fit both for my clients and my consultancy.

I’ve repackaged thoughts and information for professionals, including attorneys, politicians, and clergy.

Striving for a continuum of soft technology services, I also work in the area of peak performance and centering to bring all the faculties of companies, organizations, and individuals to full realization.

Much of this is highly subliminal in approach, using rapport-building language, images, and strategies to impart the sort of lasting transformation you desire, whether that is embedding knowledge, or improving confidence.

All of this is confidential, proprietary, and customizable to fit your requirements.

My goal is ultimately always the same: to give my clients materials, information, and knowledge that translate and interpret complex information into practical knowledge easily understood by themselves and their publics.

This is, in essence, sense-making.

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