Our highly-personalized service designed to provide comfort in that moment of your life: Pet Memorials.

Your pet shares your life, your home, your lap, perhaps your bed, even your food, and always your heart. That’s why, when your pet passes away, your grief can be utterly overwhelming.

What you need most at this difficult time is affirmation of their memory, reassurance, and closure.

The passing of your pet is unlike the passing of your human loved one in so very many ways.

The level and intensity of grief and the need for that all-too-precious closure is often something very difficult to address and achieve without a more formal action which provides a point from which you can begin to rebuild your emotions and celebrate your memories.

That’s where we come in.

If you are facing this time in your life, or know of someone who is, please know that we are here to provide memorial or celebration of life services designed specifically with your needs in mind. These services may be held at your home, at your pet’s favorite play area, a dog park, or any site of your choosing.

Depending upon your needs, we provide:

  • Time to meet with you and your family to hear the life story of your pet, the love you shared, the humorous and loving things they did, the special times you had together
  • The design and presiding at a service for your pet, with sensitivity, compassion, dignity, and understanding
  • A personalized eulogy filled with the wonderful memories you have of them
  • A special service as they are laid to rest or their ashes are scattered

If you are in need of the services of a compassionate veterinarian for euthanasia, please contact us. We can make several recommendations for your area.

Please let us know how we may serve you best.

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