Funeral Design


What It Is. And How It Helps You Heal.

 I design all of my services with your needs and healing in mind.
Personalized. Extremely so.
And above all, with dignity, professionalism, and attention to those things which were significant to your loved one, and which are truly important to you.

When someone you love dies, your emotions reach overflowing in a heartbeat. Jumbled thoughts, memories, and a loss of the sense of time are all frequent shadows which walk alongside you at this time.

And then, there are the decisions to be made. What do you do next?

  • Who do you contact?
  • Do you want a funeral, or memorial, or celebration of life service?
  • What are your options?
  • What will the service look like?
  • Who will do what?
  • How can you possibly organize all of this and still have the time to grieve and put everything into a healthy perspective?
  • What about in-the-moment crisis spiritual care?
  • What about spiritual care going forward beyond the service?
  • And … ?

The list goes on. And on. And on. By some estimates, there are at least 150 decisions which need to be made. Right away. And really, truthfully, all you want and need to do is to be in the moment, to grieve, visit, and remember.

This is where I step in to help you find your way through this maze of decisions in order to guide you to a place of acceptance and healing.

People have relied upon me for more than 25 years to provide these basic needs. I work closely with you and your funeral home or provider to plan the details for a service which meets your needs at this time; one which provides closure, hope, and healing for the days to come.

In a highly personalized compassionate way.
With full respect for your wishes and the legacy of your loved one.
For your immediate care needs.
For your pre-need planning.
For you.

I come into relationship with you in a variety of ways.

First of all, though, I need to tell you that I am neither a funeral director nor embalmer.

My role is to provide all of the details for your loved one’s funeral, memorial, or celebration of life service. Please consider me your spiritual care provider, funeral minister, funeral designer, and memorial event planner.

This means that I enter into your life in several ways, among which are:

  • Immediate spiritual care upon the death of your loved one, and during those vital months beyond the service
  • Pre-need planning to organize your thoughts and wishes ahead of time, so that your family and friends are not burdened with last-minute decisions, and instead can free themselves up to be in the moment to remember, grieve, and celebrate your life

You may bring me in to this process at a host of moments:

  • In the midst of a spiritual crisis of loss or pending loss of your loved one, whether human or pet, under any circumstances
  • Let your funeral home of choice or direct cremation provider know that you are bringing me in to organize the service along with you and them
  • Be referred by your funeral home of choice to me
  • Contact me directly in order to work with you and your funeral home of choice or direct cremation provider
  • Contact me directly for your pre-need planning

I stand ready to be of service to you in a deeply personal and compassionate way which both honors the memory of your loved one, and brings you through grief and into hope.

Please let me know how I may serve you best.

I am here when you need it most.

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